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New tune on Ukulele page

To be honest, I didn’t think it would take me this long to post just the second tune on the ukulele page! Believe me, it’s not because I’m not playing… I just haven’t been able to sit down and record anything. Well, this weekend the wife and daughter are away, and I had run out of excuses!

Well, the first tune, “I’ll Fly Away,” is a slow, lovely tune. I was going to post “Can’t Help Falling in Love” as the second, but it is also a slow, lovely tune. Didn’t want to feel in a rut, so instead, I’ve posted a catchy, funny tune from the Monty Python gang, their “The Lumberjack Song.” Yes, it’s possible to do on the ukulele – just check out the chart!

In the queue for upcoming recordings will be “Can’t Help Falling in Love,” because it’s a very nice tune, along with a Billy Joel tune, “Movin’ Out,” and one of my favorite show tunes, “Edelweiss.”

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Trying out the audio…

I’m going to be trying out the audio features on the blog. Started with a simple one – a recording of my arrangement for I’ll Fly Away, on the ukulele page.

Ukulele page…

Just for giggles and grins, there is now an ukulele page. As I work them out, on this page I’ll be putting charts for the songs I play most often on the ukulele.

For starters, I’ve added “I’ll Fly Away,” a lovely gospel tune written by Albert Brumley in 1929. The version I like is by Johnny Cash, who had the incredible ability to get to the essence and heart of a song, and so that’s the version I tried to duplicate in the chart.

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