Semper Fight

Although it was the very first song I learned to play on the ukulele (in 2011), I only recorded The Marines’ Hymn this last summer (on Memorial Day, 2013), and have delayed posting it until now. It’s not for lack of pride in my time in the Corps… it is that a former student of mine, inspired to enlist as a Marine partly from my encouragement, was KIA in Iraq. No, I don’t blame myself – many factors led him to service, and many factors led to his being killed. But he was my student – I saw the best and worst of him in math class, and on the football field, and I don’t want to dishonor his memory by botching up the job.

Where Dan really shined, though, was on the wrestling mat. It’s where he was meant to be – strong, nimble, smart – everything you want in a wrestler. Everything you want in a US Marine. Everything you want in a friend.

Cheers, Dan. Where ever you’re hanging out these days, save a spot for me at the bar.

I layered up the vocals as the verses go on, imagining walking along gathering more grunts who join in the singing. Also played around with a vocal filter to make the first verse sound “far away” -ish, but not sure if it worked as well as I thought it might.


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