Rainbow connections

Well, one of the few TV shows, musical styles, etc., that my daughter and I have in common is Glee. Yes, I’m a Gleek. They do really interesting arrangements of songs that I probably would never have listened to otherwise, as well as great standards.

So, through Glee I got to hear this crazy fun arrangement of Over the Rainbow, which, I later learned (while inter-tubing to find the chords and lyrics so I could learn to play it) was originally done this way by a fellow named Israel¬†Kamakawiwo’ole (aka, Brudda Iz), an amazing ukulele player and singer whom I had never, ever heard before.

Apparently, you can find about a trillion versions of this song out there… but I wanted to record it anyway! So, it’s on the ukulele page, or you can listen here.


2 responses to “Rainbow connections

  1. Mickey Paine December 27, 2012 at 5:06 am

    When HG and I went to Hawaii, I bought an IZ cd. AMAZING!! When I saw the intro to this post, I was going to ask if you’d heard his version. He also does a great “Country Road.”

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